What's roaming & am I setup?

What’s roaming

Roaming lets you use your Three services in other countries outside the Republic of Ireland. It gives you the freedom to use your phone or device just like home, but in some cases you’ll pay different charges.

So whether you’re working in Warsaw, surfing in San Sebastian or partying in Perth, you can stay connected to your friends and family 24/7.

We’ve got three great roaming profiles to suit you, wherever you choose to roam:

  • Full - For globe-trotters everywhere! Our bill-pay customers can experience what total freedom feels like, and use your phone anywhere in the world that we have a roaming agreement.
  • Real Time - Intrepid travellers can use their Three phones across a wide array of selected countries and networks worldwide. This is available to all our Bill Pay, Flexifix or Prepay customers.

Am I set up to roam abroad?

Absolutely. Wherever you choose to go, all Three customers can roam on networks that are part of our Real Time roaming agreement. To see our Real Time roaming partner networks, just click here

Choosing ‘Real Time’ in the roaming profile section will show you all the countries we have Real Time roaming agreements with.

Can’t see the country you’re travelling to? No problem, just select 'Full' from the ‘Select your profile’ tab. This gives a list of all the countries across the globe we have agreements with. Are you a Bill Pay customer looking for a full International Roaming profile? Just call 1913 & choose the 'Anything else' option to check or change your roaming profile.

If you're entitled to a full roaming profile, you can change it yourself using our self-service helpline, or choose to talk an agent who can activate it for you. You may need to make an advance payment of €60, and then we’ll have you up and running before you can say ‘Bon voyage’!

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