How can I improve my speed and signal strength?

How can I improve my speed and signal strength?

Mobile broadband uses a radio signal. The strength of signal will vary depending on where you are, the weather conditions, even the construction of a building!

If you need a stronger signal strength and faster download speeds, here are some things you can try:

  1. To make sure you get the best signal, treat your dongle like an aerial. Consider the positioning! (an upstairs room will be better than one in a basement flat).
  2. Use the USB cable that came with your dongle to help reduce interference from your computer. This should make your signal stronger.
  3. Some rooms get a stronger signal than others, depending on the thickness of walls. The more windows in the room, the better.
  4. Think about buying a wireless router, which can relay the signal. Just find a room with good signal strength; plug the dongle into the router, and up to four computers in your house (or office) can connect.
  5. Use Three’s coverage checker to check out the quality of service you can expect in your area.

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