Insert your SIM into your dongle. When your dashboard loads, enter https:// (You won’t ever need credit to load this web page.)

We can work out its you (we’re not psychic, but we do have some pretty cool technology to help us!), and we’ll sign you into your My3 account where you can:

  1. Use your top up voucher
  2. View your remaining credit
  3. Choose a broadband add on

At Three, we believe in protecting your online security. So, if you move away from any of these areas, we’ll display the My3 login page. If you’re already registered, just enter your Three broadband number & password, and away you go!

If you’re not already registered:

  1. Click on ‘Register Now’.
  2. Enter your Three broadband number & the last six-digits on your Three SIM card.
  3. We’ll send a text message to your dashboard inbox with a password that you’ll need to login to your My3 account online.

(Tip – You’ll find your Three broadband number on your SIM pack, or on the ‘My3’ account tab of the online dashboard, which appears when you plug in your modem or when you go to your online dashboard by entering 3.home/ and it will be in the top left hand corner.)

You’ll then also be able to buy top up credit using a pre registered payment card in the Topping Up section.

Not a fan of your password? You can always change it to something you’ll more easily remember. Just go to My Security Settings > Change your password.