It's easy to transfer your contacts from your iPhone to your Samsung Galaxy S III. All you need to do is back up your contacts onto your computer. Samsung Kies will be able to detect this backup and transfer the data onto your new phone.


To transfer your contacts from your iPhone:


  1. Open iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone using the USB cable. Right click on your iPhone's name and select Backup

  2. If you have a lot of data on your iPhone, this might take some time

Once your contacts have been backed up to your computer, you'll need to download Samsung Kies. You can get this from Samsung's website.


  1. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable and open Samsung Kies

  2. A box may appear saying that iPhone data has been detected. To transfer, select Yes

  3. If the box doesn't appear, choose your old device from the drop-down box under Third-party backup data transmission device

  4. You'll be asked what data you'd like to transfer. Select the types of data you want to transfer, then tick the I Agree box. Click Start

  5. Depending on how much data you're transferring, it might take some time for the transfer to complete

  6. Once the transfer has finished, select Complete